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Real Cash Flow Coaching is an exclusive program that helps real estate investors and entrepreneurs get everything they need to find, fund and close on their first mobile home park deal.


Real cash flow coaching is the combining of Mario Dattilo’s 9+ years of MHP investing lessons to fast track your results.


We give our students everything they need to find, fund and close their first real estate without all of the headaches of trial and error.


Seeing our members growth and success is what inspires us to invest everything we can into them.

How We Do It -

The S.C.O.R.E. System

STUDY: Advanced education teaching all aspects of MHP investing

COACHING: Hands on guidance from expert MHP investor Mario Dattilo

ONSITE SHADOWING: On the ground learning at Mario's mobile

home parks

RESOURCES: All the tools needed to start and scale your real estate portfolio

ESSENTIAL SYSTEMS: Removing yourself from management for maximum freedom

Hey! I’m Mario and I am amp'd to see you’re interested in mobile home park investing to change your life like I have. When I started buying mobile home parks back in 2014, I made a lot of mistakes that I want to help you avoid. Since then, I’ve purchased over 1,000 lots in numerous states generating over $5 million a year. I'm no better than you, I just had the knowledge needed and I’m sharing it with you. DON'T start from scratch and try to learn it on your own the slow way! Take me up on my offer to help you speed up your results to earn real cash flow.

Success Stories


Overall, I am extremely grateful for the knowledge and guidance that Mario has provided me with. His expertise has been a crucial factor in my success as a mobile home park owner, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to enter the industry.


I’ve learned a lot about mobile home park investing from Mario and since then we've done deals together!


I personally consider Mario the smartest RE investor I know. We have done several deals together. On one occasion where we did a JV deal he prevented me from taking title to a property that had major potential liability issues, so we did the deal without taking title and made even more money! When Mario talks you better listen!

How To Buy Mobile Home Parks... Even If You Don't Have Time, Money or Experience

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